Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

This was our first (Married) Christmas together and it was a ton of fun! The family gatherings all started on Christmas Eve and didn't end until New Year's!

Here was the Chilton Christmas...

Over the years "Ugly Sweaters" have been famous for parties, well the Chilton kids don't have to go buy one they just go to Nanny and Mark's closets.  They all decided to wear them on Christmas Eve in honor of Nanny and Mark.  It was pretty funny when Mark showed up in one and then realized that a few other people were wearing his clothes!

Our first (Married) Christmas together!

Aaron Dean got a life-size piano and Jade decided to bring back the
olden days and play "I'm an Indian Girl."
 She used to play that song over and over when we were little.

I love family pictures! We don't have very many!

Aaron Dean riding his tractor, which has a real radio!

Bekah and Aaron Dean opening a present from Matt-Matt

"Cutest Elf Ever" -North Pole, Alaska
Matty went to Alaska for a basketball tournament and
found the shirt-it fits Aaron Dean perfectly!

Aaron loves his Matt-Matt!

and his Diddy!

This year the Chilton crew decided not to buy each other gifts and instead put
the money towards two children that needed the gifts. We adopted two Christmas Angels from the elementary school. On Christmas Eve we played Dirty Santa. We made our own rules-one present per person, you cannot spend any money, and it has to come from your house or be something you want to get rid of! After Dirty Santa we played "Chilton Trivia," where everyone submitted questions throughout the year! It was halirious and way too competitive-but hey we are Chiltons!

Ken opened a camo hat and jacket (Dad's gift) and
everyone started singing "fat guy in a little coat"

Nanny's gift won the number one gift! It was so perfect that Mark was the one who opened it. It was a large framed photo of her! We all laughed so hard our sides hurt! Great job Nanny!


Gray and Gary's openings were an Egyptian head and decorative deer. Dirty Santa was a lot of fun and I cannot wait until next year!


Our second family gathering was at Seth's parents
with his parents, grandparents, and the Gipson crew!

Jaden and Ava Reese got a ton of cool stuff-
one favorite present was their robes from Mawmaw and Pawpaw, they can now
 join Mawmaw in the mornings outside in the swing!

Pawpaw wanted pictures of the crew!

The new game-Headbandz! Which is pretty funny!


Our last gathering was in San Francisco to see my other side, the Walton's.  We spent almost a week and it was so nice to get away!

Drew and Cool-Connor! Connor is at the stage where he repeats everything.  We taught him to say "Oh Yea Baby, I'm Cool Connor, Howdy Partner, etc."  Mostly southern terms!

Connor and Sunnie Skyping to Lee and Rhonda! We skyped through dinner and Chinese Christmas! Next Year we will be at Lee and Rhonda's in Denver! Can't wait-Tim Tebow here I come!

Every year we play Chinese Christmas- which is very similar to Dirty Santa...

We met up with one of Jenny's friends that she travelled to Fiji with this past summer.  Sarah, was in town for the holidays so she joined us for lunch and shopping around the pier!

Then the girls headed over to the Golden Gate theater to see the Grinch.  It was so cute! The man that played the Grinch was a perfect Grinch! 

The holidays were so much fun and sadly I cannot wait to get back to substituting!