Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First Classroom

My first year as an official teacher has begun! I feel like I have put in enough hours and realize that no one understands how much teachers have to do until they do it! I met my students last week and open house and we have already been through 2 days of school.  I can already tell I am going to fall in love with my class and not want to let them go at the end of the year.  They are all precious and so sweet!  A funny comment from a student was, "Are you Mrs. Brown as like in the color?"

We began the first day with the book First Day Jitters, and afterwards we talked about certain jitters we had about second grade and about their new teacher.  It was so funny because they were scared I was going to be really tall with brown hair because my name is Mrs. Brown!

I thought I would put some pictures of my classroom, since I have spent numerous hours working on it, I thought I would let everyone see! I didn't actually go with a "theme." I love bright colors and my two favorite right now are red and turquiose, so I decided to go with those and throw in some popcorn elements for Open House. Please note: I took these right before Open House,
some things are not completely how I would like them but it's a start!

My desk area

Mailboxes and storage

Large bulletin board

Classroom Library and Word Wall above
(the library took me foreverrrrrrrr!)

For Open House every table had a table sign so the students
and parents could read directions. Every student received a
"Second Grade First Day Kit" and a bag of popcorn!

Daily Calendar Area: not finished.

View from the front of the room

Side view from the back of the room

Another view from the front of the room