Saturday, March 31, 2012

NEW YORK- concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

It's been a little while since I have blogged but so far 2012 is going great! I recently had a job interview and will find out in a few weeks if I will be teaching next fall.  Seth and I are currently in process of closing on our first home and cannot wait to move in! We saw the house back in January and loved it but our apartment lease was not near up so we were still stuck.  Last week I was running around and decided to see if the house was still for sale and... it was! I called Seth and about 2 hours later we put an offer on the house.  Later that night we got a call, it was accepted! Seth just laughs at me but I have already pictured every inch of decor for the house in my mind and now the hardest part is just waiting for everything to be finalized.  We took our families by the house last weekend and of course everyone cannot wait to help landscape and have cookouts on the back deck! We are extremely excited to have our own home where we can entertain and start making memorizes.  I will hopefully have pictures to post in a few weeks. 

This week was Spring Break and since Jenny is graduating in May we decided to take her family graduation trip to New York.  Seth was not able to go due to work, so Hannah tagged along instead! It was a great trip to do some shopping, sight see, and get away for a little while. 

Times Square

"Ms. Brown" M&M

View from the top of Empire State Building at night

Breakfast at Juniors

Iron Building and Macy's

The first Barnes and Nobles and of course (a teacher's dream) Scholastic!

9/11 Memorial and Chapel that wasn't damaged during 9/11

Grand Central Station

Madison Square Gardens- New York vs. Canada

Last dinner at the famous Bobby Van's