Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Christmas Tree is complete!

We had so much fun shopping for the tree and its accessories.  After looking around we decided on silver, gold, and brown themed tree.  Seth was a trooper through all of this and he even helped put the ribbon on the tree.  We put the tree up last week before the Thanksgiving holiday so I am a little late posting the pictures but life has been happening.  Over the last two weeks I have finished up my student teaching in 2nd grade.  My last day was so sad, but the kids were so sweet! They each wrote me a letter and then made a little book for me to have.  I cannot believe that I am no longer going to see those kiddos everyday!

Thanksgiving holiday was so relaxing.  We spent time with both of our families and ate too much food! I travelled to Memphis to see my mom's family.  The girls all headed to Wal-Mart Thursday night at 9:00 to start the Black Friday festivities.  We completed Wal-Mart, Target, and Old Navy.  It was an adventure and it was completely worth it because I got almost all of my Christmas shopping completed and I bought outfits for our Christmas Angel that Seth and I adopted instead of doing gifts for each other.  The last few weeks have been busy and it will only get busier from here.  Now off to clean the apartment, study for the GRE, complete job applications, apply for grad school, wrap Christmas gifts, mail Christmas cards, and get ready for graduation!

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