Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flea Market Finds

One little addiction I have is visiting flea markets and resale stores. Over the years Benton, AR has gained some of these type stores that I am a regular in! I don't see the purpose of buying new things at full price when I can find unique things at these places. Here are a few things I have found over the last few weeks...

Small Desert Block and Cover. I just "had" to make some delicious triple chocolate cookies to display in it! I got it for 3.00.

Old frames. I wish I would have taken a picture before I painted them but I bought them for 1.00 and spent 2.00 on the print at Office Depot. (I have learned to print large pictures at an office supplies store and not to order or print at an actual photo place).

Old window. My goal is to have it in our eating area and display quotes that will change with the seasons, holidays. I will hopefully have it up and displaying soon! That will be its own DIY post. I got it for 10.00

Key Hook. I looked for something to put our car keys on forever. I found this for 1.00!

Paper clip vase. This was originally use for a flower pot I believe, but I decided it looked neat to use on my desk. I got it for 2.00.

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