Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

I haven't been blogging and updating like I would like to but I am kinda stuck because we do not have interenet right now and I am consumed with back to school stuff! But...I have a new look for our blog!

Now on to the post...

This summer, I have created a reading list of blogs I read and follow. They, along with pinterest, have given me many inspirations for decorating our new home and for school projects. A few weeks ago I read a post on a blog (but I can't find It now) that had her favorite things of the summer. So I decided to steal the idea and make it work for me!

These are a few of my favorite things of summer '12...

PINTEREST: I am sure this is many of your favorite things as well. I no longer waste as much of my time on facebook but now on pinterest. (Soon my fb will be deleted) My favorite categories are DIY & Crafts, Education, Fitness, Gardening, and Home Decor. Seth says I'm addicted! Here are a few of my future projects I wish to tackle. 

Transforming an old dresser into a TV Stand.
I have a dresser from an old furniture
set, and I have permission to do whatever with it.
So, I am thinking painting it a shade of white.

For our long hallway I have thought about doing some neutral strips.

We have a blank wall in our kitchen and I cannot find a painting I like within the budget and I certainly do not have time to paint one.  So, my exploring has led me to these two choices. I am leaning more towards the vintage door if I can find one!

MY COFFEE BAR: I love coffee and cannot get my day started without it. I saw on pinterest where a busy family created a coffee bar where everything is all together and ready to go. This summer I have enjoyed my coffee in the early mornings out on our new patio. Lately, it has been way too hot in Arkansas for the patio but hopefully this fall I'll be back out there again.
My inspiration from Pinterest

(It is still a work in progress because we haven't put in the backsplash)

MY SEDA FRANCE CANDLE:  (Japanese Quince) I love candles! Seth says candles, books, and resale items have become my collection. I love having multiple candles burning in the house, I think they give that homey feel that everyone loves. My favorite candle is the Seda France Candle in Japanese Quince. We were given one as a house warming present from the O'Neals and I fell in love. I found out they are hard to find and better to order online. I found one in a little boutique in Springfield, Missouri when I went up for a wedding but haven't been able to find one since. I plan to order soon! Here is a place to order online if your interested! http://www.sedafrance.com/category/Japanese-Quince-Collection

GARDENING: I tried to have a green thumb this summer by planting around our house. I love sunflowers and have loved them since early childhood- I remember having a sunflower bedspread when I was younger! They were the flower for our wedding and they make me think of summer. I planted a row along our brick wall in the backyard and had only one mammoth survive. The squirrels and birds like the baby sprouts. Oh well-I learned my lesson and will try again next summer.
Here is the process of the Mammouth (it is 6 feet tall!)

RESALE STORES: another addiction is buying things at resale stores and redoing. I love the antique/old feel for decorating the house and it's fun to do as well. I recently bought these items for a total of $2.00 and remade. (the frames were 50 cents and at target or walmart they would have easily been $5.00-$10.00) a pretty cheap hobby! I also found some light fixtures we needed for a ceiling fan and I found them for 50 cents as well! I don't even want to look what price they would have been at Home Depot or Lowe's.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things.
(The Sound of Music never gets old)

If anyone has any home decor blogs they read please
comment- and what are some of your favorite things of summer '12?

Until we meet again...

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