Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creativity meets Campfire!

Last week in second grade we had Cowboy/Cowgirl day.  It was a blast and the kids totally dressed and played the part! They arrived to the dim-lit classroom where western music was playing in the background and a campfire set-up ready for stories.

We started the morning by writing our Wild Wild West narratives, and trust me the stories were WILD! Their imaginations amaze me.  After working, we danced to the western hokey pokey and made Cowboy "Trail" mix.  The students brought a variety of snacks and we combined them together to make a recipe.  Many students used their imaginations and took their pretzel stick and put a marshmallow at the end and "roasted" their marshmallows. 

We took turns around the campfire telling our stories as if we were real cowboys and cowgirls sitting around the fire.  It was a long and entertaining day.  We ended it by singing "Home on the Range."

 Now, I "built" this campfire twenty minutes before school and next year I know what to do better. I ended up getting a small battery powered fan and taped yellow, gold, and orange tissue paper to the top side. I covered the surrounding area with craft paper.  I told my GT students I was trying to think outside the box!

Cheesy- I know! Thankfully they
knew what it was and went along with it!

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