Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh where, oh where did Mrs. Brown go?

Oh where, oh where can she be? Monday I had to miss school for a literacy meeting and I left this prompt for my students to write in their journals first thing when they arrived at school. The responses were so great they made me laugh out loud, and I wanted to share!

Mrs. Brown is missing today. Where do you think she is? What do you think she is doing?
- "She is sick, because if she wasn't she would of told us she
was going to be absent."

- "She is at a meeting learning how to teach us."

- "Mrs. Brown is out buying us a big surprise."

- "She is at Gulf Shores laying on the beach with her hubby."

- "She is playing with her dog." (I talk about Annabelle a lot!)

- "She is at home reading a book and drinking tea and eating leftovers."

- "She is in Little Rock at the book store buying books for our classroom."

- "She is at a secret spy meeting because she is a super agent spy. She is also bungie jumping!"

- "She is at a meeting giving a very very important speech."

- "She is at home baking a pie for our class."

I love my kids so much! They keep me laughing everyday. I am in such a rewarding field!

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