Sunday, October 14, 2012

Currently- October

I am using this idea from another blog. Every month I will start posting "Currently," where I tell things about me/us this month.

Currently- October

Listening/Watching: Chicago Fire- My new favorite show on Wednesday nights! I am not a big tv girl. I honestly could go on without one, but the hubby has ESPN pretty much on 24/7. Chicago Fire has gorgeous guys haha, and there is some drama involved as well! I recommend it!

Loving: this wonderful weather where I am able to walk to school without sweating, sitting outside on the deck, drinking coffee, and reading later in the day.

Thinking: there is so much to do, so many house projects to finish, so many things to post on my new tpt store, time is running out to apply for graduate school, and I want to just take a nap all at the same time!

Wanting: a massage! My body is aching from my new workout.

Needing: I don't know if I like this section because there is nothing I "need" right now. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband, family, friends, a job where I am not going to "work" everyday, and a roof over my head. I guess this section this month could be I am needing more Jesus! I am currently working on reading the new testament and trying to live every day as a strong Christian.

Reading: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew. I have an ongoing book bucket list that contains anywhere from Christian Inspirational to children's chapter books! Most of the time I am reading multiple books and they are stationed all around the house. Seth laughs because I am reading a different book for each area of the house! I am defiantly an elementary school teacher because I love the books just as much as they do. I love when I read a book and think oh! So and so would love this book! I need to remember to post my book bucket list so I can get some recommendations from you all!

Have a wonderful week.
Live, Laugh, Love.

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