Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Southern Hospitality

This weekend was spent in Starkville, MS with my family. We started the Saturday off with shopping around downtown and lunch at Strombolli's. I am just amazed at how nice everyone is down there. I mean at home everyone is nice, but down here it's a little different. For instance, through out the day we met another mom who's daughter goes to school here. She and mom talked forever, and by the time their conversation was over mom felt like she knew the woman! When shopping, I tried on some dresses for fall and in the dressing room area there were a few college girls just complimenting everyone in the dressing room. It defiantly made me feel good, because I hate shopping for clothes and especially trying them on.

We went to find Jenny at the game and on our way to the tailgate spot people that we didn't know where offering us food and drinks. At the game we sat by a group of men of all ages and every time there was a touchdown scored they, along with. Drew, would jump on the concrete wall and cheer like crazy! They were very sweet and kept Drew and myself entertained.

The game was the best college game I have ever been to. Everyone was pumped about playing Tennessee. Before the game started coach Mullen said a few words to pump up the crowd and the players went all around the field to get the crowd involved. I have never seen the fans so in to the game like they were yesterday. I hardly sat down the whole game! My arm was even sore from ringing my cowbell! It was all worth it- we beat Tennessee! I always think about the blind side movie and the term "God-awful orange" that Sandra Bullock uses about Tennessee.

The spirit squads hosted a cheer clinic for future cheerleaders and performed an adorable performance to "you dropped the bomb on me." It is so neat to see little girls come up to Jenny during and after the game because they want their picture taken with a bulldog cheerleader! My mom almost starts crying every time!

In a town that is not my home, but I come to often, I feel very welcomed. There's something about that southern sweet charm of southern hospitality.  If you ever visit Starkville, MS you will feel like you fit right in!

Siblings! Love you two with all my heart!
Miss seeing you everyday Jen!

Mom and I split this YUMMY veggie pizza from Stromboli's!
Best place ever!

My date to the game! Love you Drewby!


All girl squad with ESPN guys!

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