Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Cowboys are in town...Classroom Update!

Howdy Partner! The Wild Wild West is in full swing in Mrs. Brown's second grade class! I have to admit, I LOVE this common core unit and so far my students do too! We started the unit off with many nonfiction activities learning about cowboys, their lingo, and what wanted posters were for! I greeted the students on Monday with their wanted picture in the hall by our room! They thought it was so funny! We read the book Armadillo Rodeo where Mrs. Brown read in a deep southern cowgirl accent! Hehe! After that they all decided to talk like cowboys and cowgirls! I cannot wait for Friday- it's cowboy/cowgirl day complete with "Trail" Mix and story telling by the classroom "campfire." The "Wanted" pictures now have the students pictures...I cannot post their faces on here!

Cowboy/Cowgirl Day pictures soon to be tacked up!

My treat for my co-workers!

"Reading Round-Up" based off the book Armadillo Rodeo by: Jan Brett

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