Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Charlotte's Web Unit

We finished our Common Core Unit on Friends. We decided to focus the unit on the wonderful children's book, Charlotte's Web. This is one of my favorite Children's chapter book. E.B. White was an amazing author. My class really enjoyed the story. At first they didn't understand why we couldn't just watch the movie?! I had to explain that the movie leaves out all the neat, little details and funny parts you don't want to miss! Here are some things we did throughout our unit.  We made a human web together and each person had to tell what it means to be a friend. We all got tangled and they loved it! They were so energetic with the human web!  I made a mini bulletin board where they created their spiders to be Charlotte' s friend. They made diorama's that turned out awesome!

Mini Bulletin Board

Favorite Character Wordles, Favorite Character Opinion Writing

Diorama of Zuckerman's Barn Take Home Project...They did an awesome job!

Table Teams

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