Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in the Classroom

Timmy, our class Elf came to spy on us for Santa right after Thanksgiving! He was a surprise every morning when the students arrived. We had a Christmas tree, stockings, and reindeer!

The last week was devoted all to a Christmas Theme.

Monday: Reindeer Day
We read Olive the Other Reindeer
We talked about what made Olive so special and why we are all special.
We made our own "The Other Reindeer" and put out on display for the school to see.
We finished by making reindeer food to put out Christmas Eve and watched the movie.

Tuesday: Grinch Day
We read the book, made Grinch Punch, and talked about how Christmas is more than just presents and how to make the Grinch Grin!
The Grinch Gum I gave to my co-teachers! (Inspired by Grinch Pills on Pinterest)

Wednesday: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Day
The staff wore tacky sweaters and the students were anything to do with Christmas.

Thursday: Polar Express Day
The students arrived in their pajamas and found a ticket to ride the Polar Express on their desk.
We read the book, made hot cocoa, made Traib Trail Mix, and watched the movie!

Friday: Sing-A-Long and Classroom Christmas Party
We decorated Sugar Cookies, Played Christmas-Noun Bingo, and made a craft

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