Sunday, January 20, 2013

Currently- January

This month has flown by with the end of the Christmas holiday, school starting back, and graduate school!


Listening/Watching- I am listening to KLOVE and completing the thirty day challenge. I am already feeling my spirits lifting and being happier. I am not as stressed out over the little things. I am watching Biggest Loser. I have been a fan over the years, and I am still motivated to stay in good health because of it. I also love Jillian-she rocks ,

Loving- Zumba! I have recently discovered it and cannot wait to go to class every week! It goes by so fast and is a fun workout!

Wanting- a day off to get things organized. I am so pumped because tomorrow is that day!

Needing- to get my booty ready for another 5K. Christmas break slowed me down!

Reading- it am in graduate school, so that takes up most of my readings. I am really enjoying my first class. I am also reading Jesus Calling and Living Life with Less. Both are great reads!

I hope this month is going well for you!

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