Monday, February 25, 2013

31 books in 31 weeks

As you prolly know I love to read. I wish I had more time in the day to relax, drink coffee, and sit down with a good book.

Right now my life is consumed with graduate school and being a first year teacher. I encourage my students to read every night and I always share books I am currently reading (that are appropriate for second graders). They have heard of my many nights I have stayed up late finishing a book or falling asleep and loosing my place!

I have an ongoing reading bucket list of books I have been interested in and want to read. So, I have decided to create myself a goal to read towards. I got the idea from a few other blogs that do similar goal setting such as 101 in 1001 or top ten for this month. I decided I will read at least 31 books in 31 weeks. Why 31? Well that is my lucky number! So right when school starts up next year is when I should be finished,and hopefully, on to a new goal.

I will be posting my weekly readings and my personal book reviews. I will be reading a range of books from young children/teens nonfiction and fiction to adult nonfiction and fiction. I am a second grade teacher and I do read books with my students so I am going to count those chapter books in! I am currently reading 3 books, and I tend to read a few at a time. So I am going to try to finish those three this week! Follow me on my journey for the next 31 weeks and challenge yourself!

***please leave book recommendations!

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