Saturday, March 23, 2013

Date Nights on the Dime

The best advice we received when getting married was to always keep dating. So we decided when we first got married to have at least one date night per month.

I, being a Type A person, created an envelope for each month. Inside the envelope we put enough cash for the date, any coupons we could use, and a description of the date. One envelope for each month. We complete them within the month on whatever date works best for us! We started scheduling them at one point but it didn't work out quite well. I keep the envelopes where the monthly bills come and go, so I always remember them!

We try to make these stress free, simple, local, and affordable. These date nights are inexpensive; very affordable for dating, newlyweds, or any couples not wanting to break the bank. We try to keep the dates between 10-20.00. We always ask for restaurant gift cards around the holidays, so many times we use those. After all the most important thing is the time being spent together.

A Few of Our Past Date Nights:
Dinner and Local Royal Theater
Picnic at the Park
Pizza and Red box/Free Library Rental
Trip to Home Depot and Ice Cream
Camp Fire and S'mores
Homemade Tacos and Movie Theater

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