Wednesday, March 27, 2013

31 in 31: Week 4

Week 4 was amazing. Not because of the books I read, but because I spent five days at the beach with no makeup, lazy hair, and with no agenda. It was so amazing just to take some time to relax and hang out with my parents and little brother. The first day at the beach was nice. I ended up using a towel as a blanket and sleeping on a comfy beach lounge chair. The second day was really cold, so we decided to have a movie marathon. The third day was the best day for the beach. It wasn't too hot or too cold. I actually got a little color, not mug though!

I read a few books on the trip, mostly on the long road trip. I read some girly books along with the one I am highlighting. Seth and I have practiced the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Envelope Savings Plan. I read a blog that recommended a book about saving. It was America's Cheapest Family. I thought it was a great book. It was eye opening and connected with the book, Living with Less. The were a few sections that didn't relate to our lives right now, kids, looking/buying a house, and so on. But overall it gave simple ways and ideas to save money.

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