Tuesday, April 9, 2013

31 in 31: Week 6

This week was very busy. I finished my second graduate class for my master's degree in curriculum and instruction. Whooo! I had two papers and a huge project to finish, so I ended up reading Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach over the weekend. It was one of my extension readings for my class, so I decided to read it. (You may wonder why I read so many children's chapter book, graduate school is why) I never read it as a child, and wish I would have. I need to start a list of books to read to my children one day. It will defiantly be on the list! It is a very cute story about a miserable, lonely, little boy, James, who lives with his two mean aunts. One day he loses some magic beans and a giant peach grows. I definantly recommend reading it. It is a very vivid, quick read, and a great children's classic.

I have never seen the movie. I look forward to renting it soon. ***I never watch the movie before reading. When I read, I like to have my own characters from my imagination, haha!

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