Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunless Tanning

So, I used to love the tanning bed, but I have skin cancer survivors on both sides of my family and have decided I am no longer an indoor tanning addict. Also, I don't want to get wrinkles later on due to the tanning bed. Now, let me say I am not opposed to it, and will still go periodically.

I have not had much a positive experience with sunless tanning products until I found this one. Dun dun naduh...Kiehls Sunless Tanning! I just started using it this week and have already seen a difference. It is natural looking, doesn't streak, turn you orange, or smell bad. It is a white lotion that contains good carotene products such as apricot and so on. I looked on Pinterest and learned that the best way to achieve that sun kissed look is to exfoliate in the shower, apply a moisturizer, then apply the tanner. This product slowly tans you as you use it. Here are two pictures, one taken exactly 7 days ago, and one from today. I am going for a slow, natural look.

You can find the product at Kiehls at Dillard's in the Mall, the Kiehls website, Amazon, and so on.

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