Wednesday, March 6, 2013

31 in 31: Week 2

This week I read Living with Less by Joshua Becker. It was a very quick read on my kindle, but an eye opening one. Becker is a minimalist, meaning (in my definition) he lives with a minimum amount of things. He doesn't go buy a new car when the one he has is just fine, he doesn't buy the new fancy electronics just to have, and he doesn't buy the next big thing to keep up with the "Jones," as the expression says.

He decided to become a minimalist one day when spring cleaning out the garage and his son asked him to play ball. He said "no I have work to do," then he realized he is missing out on life because he has so much STUFF to deal with or that owned him. It is an interesting boom because it opens your eyes to putting your happiness in God and your relationship with others and not on possessions. I am not a minimalist by any means but this book made me open my eyes and look around and think, do I really need this or that? This book actually inspired me to go through all my clothes, our closet, and storage and donate, recycle, or sell things we do not need to get by.

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